About Sushi Shin

About Sushi Shin

Sushi Shin is Master Chef Masaki Miyakawa’s first branch restaurant, featuring the same exquisite menu served at his 2017 three Michelin starred “Sushi Miyakawa” in Sapporo.

Chef Miyakawa’s decades of experience include a tenure as the executive head chef of Hong Kong’s most celebrated sushi restaurant, three Michelin-starred “Sushi Shikon”. In 2017, Chef Miyakawa was awarded the pinnacle of excellence and recognition, three Michelin stars.

Guests may enjoy observing and interacting with our master chefs from just across a splendid hinoki counter, as the chefs construct each dish from Niseko’s finest produce, and the world’s choicest seafood ingredients sourced daily from Hokkaido and Tokyo’s famed fish market.

Sushi Shin offers world-class edomae sushi in the heart of Niseko’s Annupuri resort.

We delight in welcoming guests from all over the world to savor a quintessential edomae sushi experience.

Expect to enjoy sushi crafted of the finest seasonal ingredients in a setting of tranquil luxury.